Here are the superficial things that bug me this week that I know are not actually worth being bothered over. I always feel this way when I am getting close to winter vacation. It’s a silly thing to be longing for when you don’t have a real job. Even though I have worked all but two days of this school year so far. Without further ado…

1. Mockingjay has not come out in Bethel yet. It probably will next week but by then will it be worth it to figure out if I can get one of these students to babysit Rosalind so we can go watch it, or just wait until we go home for the holidays at that point?

2. It’s time to get all the grading in and the room cleaned up before the real teacher returns. Cleaning an art room is a daunting task. The paint likes the floor. It has made a home there. It does not want to leave.

3. There are always dishes to do.

4. One strand of our outdoor Christmas lights quit working already.

5. The pool is closed all day Saturday for a private party.

6. I don’t really love the pumpkin spice creamer but feel like I have to finish it before I can go back to the Girl Scout Samoas kind that I love.

7. We need to take a Christmas card photo and order cards like three days ago but it seems like maybe we should go outside to do it. I don’t want to go outside. It’s cold outside.

8. I can’t find stationary in the stores here and I have some letters I need to respond to. I’ve actually already typed responses but feel weird about the etiquette of a typed letter.

9. I’m to that irritating point in my Christmas shopping where you remember tons of tiny things you need to get which wouldn’t be a big deal except that I have to order it all online instead of just browsing around a store.

10. I remembered at least three things I needed to buy only after Sergio had closed out an Amazon purchase this morning.

3 thoughts on “#FirstWorldProblems

  1. We haven’t seen it yet either but then we would need a babysitter. I guess if you make me I would do it. LOL! I don’t think you are going to have any problem finding a babysitter while you are home.

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