Day Off

When you wake up for work and only find out that school is canceled after you have already gotten your kid out of bed, the day tends to stretch in front of you. The pool is closed on Mondays. There is no Zumba. I don’t drive on the ice. It can be a long day. Here are some ways one might pass the time on an unexpected ice day.
You could paint your nails.

You could paint the dogs nails.

But he might puke on your foot to let you know he disapproves so proceed with caution.
You could have a picnic/feast/tea party/princess school confusing pretend play thing that makes a big mess.

You could play the saddest game of dress up ever because your mother got tired of you scratching and lathered you in lotion and put you in a giant harmless shirt.

Or you could pit Rapunzel and Merida against each other in what can only be described as the ultimate planking competition.


Look at that determination!

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