Thanksgiving Alaska Style

When you are just cooking for your family and your primary concern is not creating dishes, this is the Thanksgiving shopping you end up doing.

IMG_0875.JPG If it comes in a can or a box then it will be on our table. This is NOT how we typically approach Thanksgiving, but it might be what we do in the future! I went to an extended Zumba class this morning and then to the store for the stuff we forgot. I have a pie and a turkey in the oven already and doctored up boxed stuffing in the crock pot. My cranberries and yams are canned. My potatoes and gravy are powdered! Don’t judge, we genuinely like them. The bread was frozen and is now rising. The only thing left to compile is the green bean casserole which I looked up using the very specific search term, “Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole.” Nothing will be made from scratch this year! And it all smells great and will probably be good anyway. Except maybe the pie. Not sure about the level of spices in the pie mix. We’ll have to see. I can always fall back on my coffee creamer. It took until Thanksgiving for this flavor to make it up here.

Maybe I’ll get up and clean the house to sparkling before we eat, but even if I don’t, Rolo brought home some decorations for our table and we’ll do just fine.


Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Alaska Style

  1. I pray you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I miss you all terribly today, first Thanksgiving we have been apart since you got married. I am thankful for all of you and love you very much.

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