Feeling Spirited

I wrote a really long post today! I’m not posting it. At least not today. In the meantime, here is the finished tree. It’s sparse but glows so nice. It’s a very warm tree in person.




The Pinterest tutorial I chose for drying the fruit slices called for two hours in a 200 degree oven or until done. Until done means about 7 hours or more. I also found it helpful to remove the fruit from the pans when the tops looked dry and put them on the open rack. Lemons dry the prettiest if you only want to try one fruit. My tutorial also does not mention sealing them with anything like some other tutorials do. I like that because I am lazy. There is an 85% chance some of these fruits will rot before Christmas. Most are obviously dry enough to be fine, but I jumped the gun on a few.
I’m pleased with our tree.
Sergio decided, in his infinite wisdom, to put out our outdoor lights last night. In his shorts. And flip flops. Without enough staples. In the negative temps. It looks good anyway. You can’t go wrong with the big fat outdoor colorful lights. I love them so.
Bring on the Christmas movies! Oh, who am I kidding? We’ve already watched Elf and Home Alone. And Hook, which is pretty much a Christmas movie and found an enthusiastic audience in Rolo.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Spirited

  1. Very pretty! Does have a beautiful glow about it. Not sure if we’re going to be able to have one this year because of our new addition kitty cat…Libby. I’m a little afraid.

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