Weekend Update

The pool finally reopened yesterday! We have gone swimming twice and to the movie once! This is a crazy amount of activity for us on a Bethel weekend. You know what will motivate you to not look super awful in your bathing suit? Swimming next to all of your students under the watchful eyes of every person you have ever met in the town, while your life is being guarded by a triumvirate of your daughter’s teachers husband, a current co-worker, and a teacher you’ve subbed for a few times. It’s a little stressful. But then I got two long, hot showers this weekend and feel not so disgusting as I usually do, so I’ll take the humiliation.
In other news, Big Hero Six made me almost cry twice. Me almost crying at a movie is like other people just crying. Unless it’s the scene in Steel Magnolias where M’Lynn is losing it in the graveyard. Cuz then I just straight up cry. No shame. Anyway, Big Hero Six has some good laughs but it assaults you with the feels too so fair warning. Rosalind loved it so. much.
The cinnamon ornaments are now on the tree but I have one more Apple, lemon, and orange drying in the oven because I thought we could use a few more ornaments. My house smells good.
Two and a half day work week!


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