Things for which I am thankful…

Today marks the one month countdown until we come home for Christmas! Yay!

We don’t get all of next week off for Thanksgiving, or even three full days, but it’s still a shortened week and I’ll take it.

We all get a random vacation day on December 5th to celebrate Chief Eddie Hoffman Day! I don’t even think this is a state holiday. It’s a local one. I have no idea what he did, but I do celebrate him everyday as one of the two paved roads in this town is called Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway. It has been rare that we have been able to coordinate all three of us being off at the same time for anything other than Federal holidays and I’m just happy it will be all three of us.

Big Hero 6 has finally arrived in Bethel. Now we have a plan for the weekend. I’m a little jealous that everyone else can watch Mockingjay already, but I’ll just have to content myself with this and join the rest of you in about two weeks.

Amazon. Because our Christmas shopping is within a few small trinkets of being done and it is all sitting in my parent’s house waiting for me to come do the wrapping. Easy peasy lemon greazy, as Rolo would say.

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