Slip Slidin’

I’m very sleepy. We had delayed start this morning since the ground was a slick ice rink. The few main roads that Bethel boasts had been mostly treated and buses ran an hour and half late. Rosalind has fallen on her tush or knees about a billion times since early release yesterday. It was so slippery! I’ve never really experienced anything quite like it, but then we did miss the infamous ice storm in Arkansas that one year. The reason I am sleepy is because I thought we might not have school at all. When possible cancellation is on the table my brain can’t rest until it KNOWS for sure. So I’ve been awake for a long time. Rosalind and Sergio both slept in like normal people should. Rosalind was in a pretty good mood as a result of all that sleep.


Not much cuter than a kid in a snow bib but it seems to be distressing Frasier.

***The ice has melted. No worries.

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