I just got a call from Rosalind’s school that we are having early release today due to freezing rain. I had no idea it was even doing that! The pool is supposed to be open today so I think we’ll be heading there at 2:30 when I’m done! Assuming the roads are functional. (Ha Ha Ha! Nope. Sergio just texted before I could post that the pool was closed again.)

I know you are all dying to know where we landed on the whole Christmas tree conundrum. Well, we landed on a 6 1/2 ft tall artificial pencil tree from Amazon. But it wouldn’t ship. You know what would ship? The exact same tree in 7 1/2 ft. Because that makes sense. It’s not decorated but it’s up and fluffed and I am pleased with how it looks, fits in our tiny space, came with a decently small box, and was a good price. It does scrape the ceiling.

Sometimes as a teacher you find yourself doing unexpected tasks. Like yesterday when I had to burp a Real Care baby for my student so he would quit using it as an excuse not to do his artwork. Evidence.
Isn’t little Felicia just a doll! Snort.

This morning I looked over at my child to see that she had taken tooth brushing to Lazy Level: Extreme.

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