Our Saturday

Bet you thought I forgot about posting today, huh? Well, you’re right. This is due in part to the fact that I have nothing to post today. Too bad for you.

This morning we all woke up way too early for no particular reason and then spent the first two hours of the day grumpy and unmoving. I climbed back into bed about 8 am and just sat there on my phone for an hour and drank coffee until I felt more human. Then I did the dishes I had been avoiding all week. I find that when you avoid them like that it makes the job so much easier when you finally get around to it. Just kidding. It’s awful. Just so awful. I solemnly vow that I will do all the dishes as we use them from now on. I swear this every week.

IMG_0699.JPGNot even halfway done.

Sergio cleaned up the other parts of the house and Rosalind played and complained. She really wanted us to quit cleaning and be more entertaining. Just the opposite of how we wanted to spend our day. Then a small miracle occurred and she was invited to play with her friends at their awesome house with the awesome dress up clothes and the awesome swing in the playroom. So far she has been there for five hours.
While she was gone we were allowed to zone out without guilt. Sergio watched, and is still watching, all the football. I watched Noah. I wanted to see if it was worth all the fuss from religious groups. I knew it wouldn’t be strictly biblical or anything, but I was unprepared for straight sci-fi. It has Rockformers! Transformers that are rocks that are fallen angels or whatevs. Crazy stuff. I watched the whole thing. It worked for a Saturday afternoon.
Now to make a steak with cheesy polenta and sauteed mushrooms for dinner. This will make only two dishes if I make the mushrooms in the steak pan while the steak is resting. This is how I make all decisions now. How many dishes will I have to use?
It’s a very fulfilling life.

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