Questions I am Pondering Today

*Do they import real Christmas trees to sell here, like they did the pumpkins?

*If they do, will they run out way early like they did with pumpkins?

*How much would a real tree cost here? Think about the logistics of getting trees here! It would probably cost a small fortune.

*Assuming they sell real trees, will it last the three weeks until we leave for Christmas?

*Do I want to have to undecorate before I leave for Christmas, which I would have to do if I get a real tree?

*Should I just get a fake one?

*From where?

*How can you tell from the internet if the fake one looks okay or more like what you would find haphazardly thrown up in a free clinic waiting room with like half a garland and one broken ornament, but it’s okay because it matches the quality of the fake tree?

*Where in my tiny house would I STORE a fake tree?

*What size tree will fit in our tiny living room?

*If I’m going with a fake tree anyway, should I get the one that’s really only half a tree to save space?

*Should I buy generic ornaments or make generic ornaments?

*Will making popcorn and/or cranberry garland be fun or miserable?

*Do I get the fake tree with colorful lights because I can get a slightly better quality tree for less money or just get the white lights like I actually prefer?

*Should I just wait and let Sergio buy one when he has to do an overnight work trip to Anchorage the day after Thanksgiving? At least he would be able to see the floor model, right?

*Should I just chuck the whole plan and not worry about decorating this year?

*Will my child be scarred if I do that?

*Will I?

*Will Walking Douche-face Kirk Cameron swoop down upon my house and lecture me about my wifely Christmas responsibilities if I shirk the decorating and inviting in of the whole neighborhood?

*Am I the only person that will understand the last reference?

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