Basking in Muddy Warmth

Facebook posts and our moms informed us that there was some sort of big storm hovering over Alaska this weekend. Gale force winds and stuff. Being from the Land of Tornadoes definitely makes me worry when I see anything about a storm come up. Perhaps this storm had a lot of impact somewhere in Alaska and I wouldn’t want to diminish that. But for us? It made it warm. It was in the forties in Anchorage and is in the high thirties here in Bethel. It’s expected to get warmer the rest of the week. All the snow is melted and it’s squishy muddy like it was when we moved here. We sent Rolo to school in just jeans and one jacket and a hat today. It’s amazing how warm almost forty feels a week after -8.

So if you were worried we were having issues with a storm then you can rest easy. I am afraid it is everyone Down State (the common term for the lower 48) that will feel the impact of this storm. I hear it’s windy and snow is expected in a lot of places. So there you go.

While I am thinking of the sudden increase in temperature, I will show you these pictures from Saturday near Anchorage.



These are people ice skating in the wild. Crazy people. Again, as a southerner, this is just beyond terrifying for me. I knew that people would do this and that it would even get to a point that people would drive cars over the ice, but so soon? This started for some as early as October! I’m sure these people know what they are doing. I’m sure this particular area is a shallow area. But just last week a young guy fell through the ice in (much colder) Bethel and died. A week before that a guy put his truck through the ice. The truck was a total loss, but the guy is alive. I don’t understand the impulse to go out on the ice before you are certain it is completely and totally frozen all the way through. In the next pond over there was visible water still showing in the middle!
I see Facebook posts everyday with people complaining that shortcuts haven’t been opened up yet since the ice might not be frozen and other people encouraging them to just go around the road closed signs because the ice is fine. They’ve been taking their extended cab trucks on it for three weeks already! Don’t be a pansy!
Okay, I said that last one, but it feels like that. We have warned Rosalind within an inch of her life that she will not go on any ice, not even a big puddle, without our direct consent and presence. Hopefully she’s listening.

I will begrudgingly admit that seeing people skate outside is adorably quaint. I’ll join them in January. Maybe.

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