Coffee Break

Just a reminder that it’s November and I try to post everyday, in case you were wondering about why I would bother with Phteven. I wrote a really long post yesterday, but upon rereading it I realized it said nothing and said it badly. So then I just threw up some Phteven to fulfill my quota. If I had any new pictures of Rosalind I would have done that instead.

Today we are headed to Anchorage at 1:30. This trip is pretty unplanned. On Monday Sergio texted me that airline prices had suddenly gone back down to a normal level and asked if I would like to go. Like I would ever answer that question with anything other than a yes. It’s an optional inservice day at school so Rolo and I are home. Might as well fly to Starbucks. I’m hoping we are going at that perfect time of year where I can get my once a year pumpkin spice latte and then go back later for my all the time favorite peppermint mocha.

We’ll try to do something more touristy this time. We don’t have any necessities to buy and will only be shopping for fun. Hopefully we’ll go on a hike or see a wildlife refuge near Alyeski or something. And we’ll eat all the foods. All vacations in the Barron household end and begin with food. Anchorage is no different. The hard part is deciding if we just eat all the things we love but can’t have in Bethel, or really go try to have something known in Anchorage? The number one restaurant in Anchorage is a pizza place. I can get pizza in Bethel. Do I take the time to go there sometime? Or do I get Indian takeout that I love? Or Hot Dog on a Stick? Conundrums.

I’ll try to do something worth photographing and post pictures over the weekend. Target, I’m coming for you!

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