Not Heavy Metal

I mentioned before that it was hard to feel super amped about Halloween this year. This extended to Rosalind’s costume. Usually we know a month or two out what she wants to be and have made arrangements for what she’ll need. This year she bounced all around and we might have just ended up going the Halloween costume in a bag route. If that had been an option. A couple of weeks before Halloween the stores here mostly swept aside the Halloween stuff and replaced it with Christmas stuff. It had been pretty slim pickings even before that, but now we were down to about four xxl French maid costumes or something. Back to Amazon we went. We tried for a cute little raccoon costume accompanied by a toy Groot. All Groot toys everywhere were sold out. We tried for a witch and a vampire but she waffled so many times we couldn’t pull the trigger on which one she really wanted. On top of all that, we worried about the cold. It’s so hard to put a kid in flimsy polyester sleeveless costumes in the snow.

Our first step was deciding she should wear something that involved a hoodie and jeans. From there we found a picture of Princess Bubblegum in just that outfit. It was pretty easy convincing her after that, as long as she got the crown. She was quite insistent on that part. If you are unaware, Princess Bubblegum is another of the main characters from one of Rolo’s top favorite shows, Adventure Time. We get no originality points, as she was someone from the same show last year. Sergio does get Dad points for the crown though.

It was a quick 10 minutes on Old Navy to get a pink hoodie and pink pants from the sale items. I threw in a sparkly purple belt to match her snow boots. I love costumes that she can use in real life after the holiday. Sergio went on Amazon and bought two sheets of copper metal, some rivets and a riveting gun, aquamarine gem stones, and a Dremel. Nothing is ever simple with us. Oh, and a pink wig.

Sergio then spent the week until Rosalind’s school carnival making the Princess Bubblegum crown out of real metal. I think he had a fantastic time and it looks better than anything out there. First of all, there are almost no Princess Bubblegum costumes for kids. Second, those that do exist are awful. Third, the only good crowns were on etsy and handmade and expensive. I don’t think we saved any money, but at least it was fun and a perfect fit.

In retrospect, we should have just sprayed Rolo’s hair pink with that Halloween hairspray stuff. She super hated the wig. It just wouldn’t fit correctly. Otherwise the costume was a total success for both warmth and looking right. A few people even knew who she was.IMG_0170

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