Halloween in Bethel

I knew it would be cold for Halloween this year, what with living in Alaska and all, but I had no idea just how much colder it might be. We woke up to the coldest day we have had so far yesterday morning. I don’t know what it really was, but it felt like -6. By midday it had sunk to -8. Bethel is fun like that. It is cold when you wake up in the pitch black, but somehow gets colder when the sun comes out (at 10:15 currently). It had warmed up some by the time we might have trick or treated, but not by any reasonable amount. It was a brittle, biting cold kind of day. So much so that I thought maybe my eyelashes had frozen over in the walk from the school to the truck when Sergio picked me up for lunch. I don’t think they had but if you have to question whether it is happening, it is plenty cold enough.

So what do you do when it seems cruel to make your kid trick or treat? Well, Bethel has that handled. If you are wondering if people do trick or treat in Bethel the answer is yes. I asked a wide variety of students and they said that we could trick or treat anywhere. In my experience with Bethel, this may not be the wisest approach. They also said that a lot of people go to the bigger neighborhoods of Kasayuli and Lawson, or wander down the area known as Tundra Ridge. So you can do that. We might have if I hadn’t been questioning my eyelashes still being attached to my face.

Here is how we handled our first Bethel Halloween.

First stop: Swanson’s Grocery

photo 3

Where we followed the path and played some games. She won two prizes and was given large handfulls of candy at each stop. All the candy she could possibly need or want for Halloween.

photo 1 photo 2

Second stop: Fire Station Haunted House

photo 4

I don’t have many pictures of this but we were given glow necklaces and Halloween bags before being scared by some firemen dressed as ghosts and things. This being small-town life we were given our glow necklaces by Rolo’s school teacher before being scared by Mrs. H’s husband. I know it was him because after startling us he asked Rosalind if she had gotten to see Mrs. H. I think Rosalind was a little confused by the whole thing, but pleased that the ghost cared. On our way out of the parking lot we watched a very full van get utterly and entirely stuck in a ditch and I only point this out to show that I am not the only one who does this kind of thing.

Final Halloween stop: High School Carnival

photo 1(1) photo 2(1) photo 5 photo 3(1) photo 4(1)

These carnivals that the schools hold are their main sources of fundraising for the year. I lucked out and did not have to help with the Junior Class concessions even though I am the current proxy of the sponsor. I just got to go watch Rosalind burn through her tickets in mere minutes. Highlight to watch: there was a game set up just like roulette. Put your tickets on the candy bar you hope for and spin the wheel. Rosalind chose kitkat and spun the wheel. She won. A whole kitkat bar. I’m sure this started a lifelong love of gambling. Sergio seemed really amused by this game. Highlight for Rolo: spending 8 of her tickets to go in the bouncy house/obstacle course/slide thing. She was really too small but the students felt too awkward to tell me no since they know me and I just let them feel awkward so they would let her go. As you can see, she had abandoned the wig and crown by here and just confused passersby with her costume.

It could be that Rosalind thought the massive blue cloud of cotton candy we bought was the highlight. We definitely thought the opposite.

We left the house at 5:45 and were home by 7:15. We had dinner and made a weird game of throwing our glow necklaces across the room to try to loop them around Rolo’s hair twists. Fun stuff.

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Halloween in Bethel

  1. I am so glad that you could take her to inside stuff, the cold really worries me for you guys, she looked adorable. Miss you all so much.

  2. I think you had a much more fun Halloween than we did. Just your typical trick or treating. I think Emma and David had fun but probably not as much as Rolo. Sure am glad you could do inside stuff.

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