Capital Letters and Exclamation Points

We joined the new health center in town last night. This has been a much anticipated addition to town for us and everyone. It’s a SWIMMING POOL! And a gym and stuff. But it’s a POOL! We managed to move to Bethel right as it got a twin cinema, two revitalized grocery stores, and a POOL! Easy living.

It’s a nice place. It has a large swimming pool area with six lanes, a big water slide area, and a children’s swimming area. It also has a jacuzzi. Since it just opened this week it is still pristine and dreamy. Actually, the jacuzzi and the locker room showers might be the biggest draw for me. The showers are HOT, like probably lawsuit hot, and unlimited. UNLIMITED! I don’t have to buy a plane ticket to get an unlimited shower anymore! Totally worth the price of admission, which is admittedly a little steep. It must cost a lot of money to build this sort of facility above ground in rural Alaska. Did I not mention it is all above ground? Literally, hovering off of the ground? Well, you can’t build a pool into the permafrost.

Rosalind was beyond thrilled with the pool. She was so excited to realize that there isn’t a spot in any pool too deep for her. The deepest part of any pool is 3’6. And on her tiptoes her whole head is above that. She has grown a lot since this summer at the beach. She did not choose to go down the slide. Sergio did. Then he made me. It was shockingly scary. It’s way fast and completely black inside. I’m glad Rosalind didn’t go. In fact, nobody who tried it while we were there did it more than once. I think they might have to slow the flow of water. Still fun, just need to not wear my glasses next time as they chased me the whole way down.

I have a thought that is mostly unrelated to the pool, but the pool slide brings it to mind. We have one chain restaurant here. It is a Subway. It is beyond understanding to me why we don’t have a McDonald’s with a Play Place. I know it would be astronomically expensive to build, and the supplies would often be behind in shipping, forcing the restaurant to close randomly for a couple of weeks here and there, and that the prices would have to be much higher than one would reasonably spend for McDonald’s. Still, I think it would ultimately pay off. People carry two things onto the plane to Bethel with them every time I fly. McDonald’s and Starbucks. I know people want it. Even the people who don’t want the food would go for the indoor play area. We took two of Rolo’s friends with us to the movie this weekend. Our house is just not big enough for three kids to play inside for hours. I would have given a lot of money to someone who could have given us a place to play after the movie that was warm and not my house. Not to mention the fact that Rosalind is currently in possession of only five toys as she recently had all of them taken away and is earning them back three behavioral marbles at a time. This is a story for another time. The point it, we needed a better place to play than our own home. If you have a lot of money to invest and a desire to live in the far reaches of Alaska, this is your chance (a word of warning: Bethel does not resemble any of the places featured on the show Buying Alaska or Alaska the Last Frontier). How is there not a single indoor play area in a town that reaches 50 below sometimes? HOW?! Why are there ANY outdoor play areas? I think that question pretty much sums up why I am not built for Alaska.

I am extremely glad that there is a new pool in the meantime. It should really add a nice dimension to our weekends, which usually consists of never needing to change out of my pajamas.

I worked until 4:30 yesterday, swam until 5:45, went to Zumba at 6:30, had takeout at 7:45, and put Rosalind to bed at 8:30. Now there are only 54 days left until I go home for Christmas.

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