Deja Vu but Worse

You guys remember that post I wrote many years ago in Portland when the fuel pump went out on our car and we had to replace it with no tools or help, in the rain, all while the car was propped up on two jacks and a log? Well, replace fuel pump with starter/battery, and Portland with Bethel, and rain with blinding snow, and you have yesterday for Sergio. This time I was in no way involved. Sergio spent a few hours in the parking lot of the Napa Auto Parts replacing said parts and going indoors once in a while to buy new tools since we moved exactly zero here with us. I think it was Sergio’s most fun day ever. If by fun we mean miserable.

The truck is running just fine again. He got it running just in time for me to turn around and get Rosalind from her first Girl Scout meeting. I decided to stop at the grocery store on the way. I always have a brief moment when it has just snowed of thinking, “but I don’t know how to drive in the snow!” So, yeah. I got it stuck in the parking lot of the AC store. With less than 15 minutes to get Rosalind. I called Sergio, and I can tell you, he was so pleased to hear what was going on. He tried to talk me through getting the truck into 4 wheel drive. It wouldn’t go. I had slid precariously close to the edge of a ditch. There was a knock at the window and one of the men from the store was there to help. He said they were watching me from the second floor of the store and thought I needed help. Relief tempered with mortification. He tried to get it into 4 wheel drive. Nope. Another guy came. He tried. Nope.

So I left! I had to go get Rosalind right then and there were cabs all around me. They asked if they could keep working on it and I handed them my keys. When I got back with Rosalind they had found how to get it into 4 wheel drive, moved it, and left the keys in the cup holder. They also ran out to tell me how to use the 4 wheel drive in the future.

Unless I can go 5 mph in 4wd for the rest of winter I have no intention of driving anymore. I remember now why I refuse to do it.(Of course, in reality Sergio is going to make me spend all weekend driving in and out of 4wd to get comfortable. What a buttface.)

I do super appreciate the four guys that took care of the car for me while I was gone. It hurts my feminine pride, maybe, but not really.

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