Unrelated Updates

I am typing this on a delightful Macbook Air. I love being able to type on a real keyboard. I’m not telling you this to brag about my new computer, but to point out that I have this because I am about to start one of the more unexpected turns in my teaching career. For the next nine weeks I will be an art teacher. I love art, sure, but I’m not totally confident that I am equipped to teach it. Long term sub positions work so that you function as the complete teacher. I make lesson plans, attend inservice, go to staff meetings, and grade the students. If this were a history or English class I would probably feel pretty set, but art? Yeesh. In fact, Fine Arts I, Fine Arts II, 3D Art, and 8th grade intro to art. So it’s not even like I can come up with one good project and have them all do it. The 8th graders in particular will start with me on Monday as they are in a rotational class, and end with me at Christmas. They will never have the privilege of the real art teacher. Only me. Poor things.

I have done what I can and met with the current art teacher outside of school, shadowed her in class, and researched art projects I’ve never tried for 3D art. She has given me everything she has to help, which is a ton of stuff. She is one of the most organized teachers I have ever come across. Which is awesome, but also terrifying, because if you know me you know I am anything but organized. Oh! And I have art club which is responsible for two play sets in the time I am here, which is just…the… worst.


In other news, we received our first teacher call about Rosalind. And no, it wasn’t because she is so awesome. Officially, she threatened another student. Unofficially, she got extremely frustrated at another kid and blurted something out. I’m not excusing her at all, she did threaten another student. I’m just saying that she had no intention of acting on her threat. But she did have her first visit to the Principal’s office. This came as something of a surprise to her father and me as we had so few trips to the Principal’s office and they were all middle school or after. It’s weird when you suddenly have to really parent. Like with life lessons and stuff. She’s definitely been a little bit off since we moved here. I can’t tell what the culprit is exactly. Is it the move away from the familiar? Starting a more structured and somewhat redundant school program? Just a weird stage like the terrible twos? It’s not lack of things to do. We might spend a lot of time at home, but she has a full week at school with friends, ballet, girl scouts, Friday night roller skating, school family nights, and periodic camps (It’s also not that she is too busy as these things only meet about once a month). So we’ll see.

I can’t bring myself to leave off without saying that Rosalind is still mostly fine. She was one of the earliest students to get a Kudos award, which you get for being helpful/selfless. She was asked to be one of the official aide to the substitute teachers in her room because she is responsible and knows the routines so well. She takes in the new students and gets them settled into class. Her work is always awesome, though I do know she is a bit chatty during work time. She is picking up reading as fast as I could have hoped. There are good things still.


I generally love Halloween. It turns out that much of my love must be wrapped up in foliage and mums and pumpkins. I can’t seem to get into the Halloween spirit at all. The great thing about Halloween is that it’s not one of those holidays you usually feel pressured to feel spirited about. Anyway, there is no foliage, it’s too cold to feel happy about the prospect of trick or treating, and if anyone has decorated for Halloween I have yet to see it. I do know exactly how many days there are until Christmas though and the weather suggests we should go ahead and decorate for it. I told Sergio I was already in the mood for Thanksgiving dinner and we should have it this weekend. That way if we don’t feel like doing it again on Thanksgiving we can just pot roast it up or something. Rather than be a crazy person I might buy some stuff for caramel apples this weekend and a pumpkin to carve and just have a whole big event and see if that does anything for me. Even if it doesn’t work I will still end up with caramel apples, and that is never a bad thing.


Both of our babies are pretty decked out for winter. We bought Eliot a dog bed with a kind of cave element to it for snuggling. He can use that during the day when we aren’t at home. He also has a new sweater. Two things surprised me about the sweater. One, how much I love it on him. Two, how much he loves it. He took right to it. He never tries to get it off and seems perplexed when we take it off at night. I guess it is comfortable and warm. We’ll be buying another one. We are now those people that have a clothed mini poodle. My teenaged self would be concerned with where I have ended up.


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