Alaska, You’re As Cold As Ice

It’s gotten cold fast. Faster than expected. In the interest of honesty I have to mention that it is supposed to warm up a bit next week to about 36. A few weeks ago I would not have thought the idea of 36 would be inviting, but it is now. Of course the temperature that you see on the forecast has absolutely nothing to do with how it feels. Every morning it feels like 0-9 degrees. Every recess feels like frozen hell. It turns out that when they say students will still play until 20 below they mean students will be forced outside, against their will, until the weather reaches a point at which human skin will die in a certain number of minutes. I’m not kidding. This is exactly how it was explained to me by a teacher that grew up here. The one very thin silver lining is to having recess duty is that it is no longer a fight to get kids to line up to come inside anymore. They are ready well before the whistle.
In a week or so we will probably start sending Rosalind to school with snow pants. Many kids already wear them now, for example…

As it stands she wears leggings under her jeans, wool socks, bogs boots, gloves, a beanie, a scarf, and two jackets. Her Granny just sent her some additional items for the next several months , which will be even colder.

Other cold things:
The ponds are well frozen over and now it’s just a matter of thickness. I saw pictures on Facebook that lead me to believe the river is slushing up.
Here is a picture of our water tank overflow valve.

The wind is often so fierce as to knock little kids down and even pulled all of the coffee out of my cup when I stepped outside the other day. That was new. Rosalind loves to yell, “sandstorm,” on the playground , and she’s not really exaggerating.
So Rosalind seems to take stuff mostly in stride and we just add pounds and pounds of layers to her. Sergio is the most enthusiastic about seeing what the weather holds next. I just do what I have to do and feel grateful when I get back inside without having cried. But it’s Eliot who has most readily coped with his situation.

The numbers on the heater aren’t accurate. We were blasting it to warm up the house. He was pleased.

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