Taking It All In

Having a car allowed us to see all of Bethel that can be seen by car yesterday. It is our understanding that when it snows we will have a chance to really explore a lot more area through the use of the ice road (nothankyou) or by using a snowmobile. I was pleased to see some new things. We managed to drive through the Mud Hut Espresso bar and go to the Farmers Market for some Bethel grown veggies. It was nice. Here are some pretty pictures we caught before the weather turned to rain. And then back to pretty. And then to rain. And so on all day.



IMG_0507.JPGCan you see the mountains in the distance? They are out there somewhere!

And here is a slightly less pretty picture we took to give you an idea of the above ground water system in the non-hauled part of town.


2 thoughts on “Taking It All In

  1. It is pretty and yes I can see the mountains in the distance. I love the picture of the building which I assume is a church. I guess there is just no way to make the pipes an attractive landscape for your yard.

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