Unexpected Days Off

Did everyone have a good Labor Day holiday? Back to the grind today? Well, not Rolo and me! Three weeks into the school year we are having “fall break” or unofficially, “everyone gets the week off to go moose hunting.” For some reason if you say that it’s for moose hunting season people will correct you and say it’s not really for that reason…except that it is for that reason. I would not have been able to guess it was for moose hunting without someone telling me, but everyone always tells you and immediately denies that’s the reason for this break. As though I would judge that or care why I’m off work for a week. I don’t care!
And no, I don’t have an official job yet. Nothing has opened in my content area. But I have subbed everyday. So it feels kind of like a real job. Sort of.
Next year I will know that we should plan some sort of vacation at this time, but this break came as a total shock to us. We just enjoyed it as a regular Labor Day weekend since Sergio is back at work like a normal person. And what did we do for this long weekend you ask? Not a damn thing. Literally. Sergio and I left the house once each between Sunday and Monday after arguing about which of us had to go for groceries. Rolo did not step outside once on those two days. It was rainy and lazy and a nice time to do nothing. And yes, by Monday we just let Rosalind tear the house apart to entertain herself so she wouldn’t be too bored. She built a fort and played there almost all day. Don’t worry too much about her suffering from our lazy parenting as she gets to attend some sort of dance camp for the remainder of the week.
I also believe that autumn has officially arrived in Bethel. People tell us that the drizzly rain, low clouds, thirty degree morning temps, and an appearance of the Northern Lights at 3 am this morning are all indications that this is the case. We have begun looking for a car in earnest.



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