S’not My Cup of Tea

Pictures while walking to school last week.



Pictures from today walking to school.


The sky was nice but we were trapped in the low hanging clouds.

Other stuff:
Number of times we have seen our breath on the way to school in the last two weeks? Three.
Number of times I asked all the Kindergartners I have subbed for this week to remove their fingers from their noses? 3,542.
Number of times I have cleaned up puddles of spit from tables this week? Five.
Number of times I have wanted to cry in frustration at a room full of Kindergartners being so darn energetic? Two.
Number of times I have legitimately gagged and dry heaved at disgusting Kindergartners this week? Four.
Number of times I asked a child to pick up the booger I watched him wipe on the floor and throw it in the trash can? One.

There are reasons I chose to teach teenagers instead of little ones. I remember now.
I’m going to bed. I am back in Kindergarten again tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “S’not My Cup of Tea

    • I think we might need to start a habit of stopping Kindergarten teachers on the street and thanking them for their service. If I were one all the time I believe I would have to start some sort of Valium/Prozac type regime. And I am not even doing all the planning and prep work.

  1. Hang in there. I used to down a jumbo Monster Energy in the school parking lot every morning. I also stashed 5 Hour Energy in my purse for those “extra special” days. Haha.

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