End of Summer Stuff

It’s been a busy week in the Barron household! We wrapped up summer last week with Rolo taking her Kindergarten screening, then Open House to meet the teacher, starting school on Friday and then yanking her out at noon to fly to Anchorage.
Rosalind is not a kid that has ever hesitated to leave us behind and check out the obviously greener pastures of a classroom. She didn’t care when she started daycare at 5 months old. She seemed happy to play when she started Montessori at 2 1/2 and everyday thereafter. Nothing changed at Kindergarten drop-off. She was comically excited to go, stormed right in like she owned the place and only hugged me when I asked her to come back and do so. She would not have even thought about me again if I hadn’t said goodbye. Today, the second day of school and the fourth time she has been in that building, she asked if I could not walk her inside. She had it all by herself, thankyouverymuch. I walked her inside anyway. It’s the rules if they aren’t bus riders. I bet you can guess what else she wants us to let her do.
I just hope she keeps up that enthusiasm, not least because the 6:00 am wake up call comes awfully early when you don’t want to go to your destination anyway. Friday she popped out of bed like a spring at the mention of school. Today, not so much.



We flew to Anchorage Friday afternoon and back midday on Sunday. It’s a 58 minute flight, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about Alaska Airlines. Our purpose was to enjoy some civilization and stock up on supplies. The flight to Bethel allows three free checked bags per person. People load up big Tupperware totes and coolers and cardboard boxes and bring supplies back with them. We took one carry on bag of clothes to Anchorage and Eliot in a bag. We came back with a carryon each and four checked packages. We could have brought so much more! At least we could have if we had limitless shopping money. If you are going to move to Bethel, invest in some good heavy-duty totes.
We did nothing in Anchorage that couldn’t have been done in any suburb across the US. We drove a car for the first time in two months. We shopped at Target, Old Navy, Cabela’s, and REI. We got haircuts, even Eliot. We ate great burgers, pho, and Indian takeout. Not a single specific Alaskan outing in the bunch. It was wonderful anyway. I had Starbucks three times. I took long, hot showers everyday just because I could. I feel sort of bad about myself as a person for not doing a better job as a traveler/explorer/tourist (not to mention wasting water), but I wouldn’t change a thing about the trip.
The only pictures we got of Anchorage are from the car or the airport. Not even kidding.




Oh, here are a couple from Cabela’s. This is the only place that was any different than being in Bentonville or Bryant. This Cabela’s had taxidermied Moose, polar bears, and walruses instead of deer and turkey. The aquarium had salmon instead of catfish. It was almost like seeing something Alaskan.
I think I’m going to have to get this sort of hat eventually. Comely, don’t you think?



3 thoughts on “End of Summer Stuff

  1. I bet a few months you are going to wish you had that hat!! If my ears are cold I am going to wear whatever to keep them warm. Glad you guys had a good time.

  2. We are enjoying keeping up with you on your blog. Love to hear how you are learning the Alaska way. Will try to do better staying in touch.

  3. I am not the least bit surprised at Rosalind’s zest for Kindergarden! You’ve got a little social butterfly on your hands, Dawn.

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