The Girl and the Dog

According to my friend, pictures of my groceries aren’t as interesting as pictures of my babies. Well, FINE!
I guess I can see that. 12 boxes of yellow cake mix might not be what people want to see.
*Aside: The pictures of our cabinets prove that if Sergio and I had ever considered eliminating processed foods from our diets (we haven’t) we would be in serious trouble in Alaska.*

Here are the few recent pictures I have of the kids that I haven’t already posted here.








2 thoughts on “The Girl and the Dog

  1. I also thoroughly enjoy the grocery pics. Orange juice at $17 a pop is completely ridiculous–unless it has the champagne actually IN the bottle. There’s a marketable idea! Thanks for indulging me. Rolo has grown SO much, and Eliot is turning into the Richard Gere or George Clooney of poodles.

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