Weekly Roundup Picture Post

Watching the Lego movie that we downloaded to the iPad. This takes no internet, which is limited here, so she watches it often. She is also wearing her binoculars.20140719-105630-39390393.jpg
I’m not sure which of our family members was happiest when all the Lego’s finally got here.

How she looks most days when I pick her up from camp. I can always tell if she cried during the day because she’ll have streaks running through the dirt on her face. Pardon the filter on the one picture. My devious daughter loves to put my camera in a filter mode and it takes me an embarrassingly long time to figure it out.


This is how I am dressed on July 19th. What you can’t see are my ski socks. We went to a yard sale this morning where we scored two purple blackout curtains for Rolo’s room, a box of assorted drinking glasses, and a basketball. Then we promptly all went home because it was much colder than we had anticipated. It’s the wind that will get you here.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup Picture Post

  1. I know it is not as cold here but it was 63 degrees yesterday at the cemetery for grandma’s burial. Between the rain and the temp I about froze to death. Played golf today in a jacket for most of the day. This is July in Arkansas??? On a different note I think all the walking has also caused Rolo to lose weight. She looks so thin!!!!

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