Bethel Birthday

I experienced my first birthday in Bethel yesterday. The fact that my birthday fell on a Tuesday sort of dampened the ability to do much celebrating. Not to mention that you can’t buy alcohol, my friends and family live many miles away, and we don’t know any babysitters. But other than that…
I’m just kidding! I rarely drink anyway, and everyone knows we just make our poor daughter tag along to everything anyway! So the only thing lacking was friends and family. What did we find to do in Bethel? We went to dinner! It was fantastic! I’m not being sarcastic. We had not gone out to eat in a month. I have done dishes by hand everyday for a month. Usually several times a day! It was soooo nice not to cook or clean up.
We ate at Dimitri’s. A Greek/Italian place that has been around this area for a long time. It’s always the place that came up when we researched restaurants in Bethel. The reviews always said something along the lines of, “not just good for Bethel, good for anywhere!” A happy bonus is that it is the closest restaurant to our house.
It is really good! We had a giant gyro calzone and that pizza you see below is a SMALL! That was all for Rolo, but ended up giving us lunch for today.
Afterward we thought about going to the new movie theater. It’s a twin cinema and during the week they rotate out three movies on two screens. Unfortunately, this arrangement meant that the only movie appropriate for Rolo started at nine. And since she had spent seven hours at camp yesterday she was already an overly exhausted maniac. Maybe we’ll take in that movie on Saturday. Instead we went to the AC store and splurged on some special ingredients. Then we came home and made my very special ice cream cake as a family. Sergio and Rolo did all the decorating. Let me give you the recipe because it was stupidly delicious. Six ice cream sandwiches, a container of whip cream, caramel sauce, and decorative frosting is optional. Layer and freeze. Seriously, so good and fun to make. For all the ingredients and candles and such it was $27. I know, crazy. However, buying a cake from the store was $50. Just your regular, run-of-the-mill bakery cake. Ours was better and fun to make together. I only mention this because people have been asking about prices here, and I think this gives you a good start on understanding that. I’ll start doing some additional posts on pricing soon.
Anyway, I had a nice birthday here. It tickled me how many people called me adventurous on my Facebook page. If you could have seen me yesterday you would have known that I alternated my time between reading a book about Dracula (The Historian) and watching all eight Harry Potter movies that I DVR’d over the weekend. My middle name is Adventure!










I know it looks melty but it pulls right back together in the freezer. Makes a great breakfast the next morning. Rolo can attest to that.

One thought on “Bethel Birthday

  1. I am so happy that you had a wonderful day, and sounds like great food, and yes I want to make that cake, yummy, great picture of you and Rolo, you are both so beautiful, and SON, wow , you have lost so much weight, you look great, I hope you don’t mind if I say this but you look so much like your dad, wow.

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