Howdy, Neighbor!

I mentioned the alcohol problem in the July 4th post with a passing mention of domestic disturbance stuff. This is not the post where I really examine the prohibition issue and give it the due it deserves. Nope. This is just where I provide a quick anecdote from that day that I have since come to understand better myself.
Sergio, Rosalind, and I all decided to walk the half mile up our road to the AC store to get a couple of items to round out dinner. It was just after five pm, which was the end of the holiday fair. I mentioned to Sergio in passing that we would probably be in a rush of people leaving the fair. I may have also wondered aloud whether we would see any effects of alcohol. Sergio didn’t think so.
We had no more than made it to the end of what Rolo refers to as “our lane,” which is the end of our shared driveway area, than we encountered a very inebriated lady following us and yelling that a man wouldn’t leave her house. I felt bad, but kept walking with Rosalind while Sergio briefly looked over the situation, saw a man peeking out the front door, and blandly said, “then you should call the police.”
We continued down the road. The lady sort of wandered around outside her house. Before we could reach the turn of the road to head to the store, we had to jump into a ditch to avoid being hit by a police jeep. We watched him pass and realized that three others had congregated at that house.
I was a bit put out that my family had nearly been hit by a police car. So I made some kind of comment about cops overreacting to drunk and disorderly in this town. And Sergio responded with a joke about not being able to be the legal representative for that guy since we had witnessed some of the incident. And then we went to the store and mostly forgot about the whole thing.
Sergio was right. He can’t be the legal representative. But he was wrong about it being for the guy who wouldn’t leave.
When that lady walked out of her house and followed us and wanted help getting him out, she had just STABBED him.
Thankfully, he is fine.
Sergio and I might be jerks. The jury is out on that one.

***Disclaimer: this story is not meant to represent the general experience here in Bethel. It’s just something that happened. Its a very friendly town. We live In a perfectly safe area. This experience fits well with the one right after we moved to our last house in Fayetteville and had the not-actually-shot guy have us call the police for him.

Look! See how pretty and calm it is here?


One thought on “Howdy, Neighbor!

  1. Whoa. I must know more. I wish you could go into even greater detail about this over a basket of La Huerta chips right now!

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