On Independence Day

Here is a photojournal of our first July 4th experience here in Bethel. It’s a nice community celebration with a hometown parade followed by a carnival. There are no fireworks as you would have to stay up until the wee hours in order for the sky to darken enough. Instead there are carnival games and lots of food and hundreds of children running around attacking passersby with silly string. I think nearly the whole community came out. If you are going to live in a small town you might as well live in one so small that all holidays have a set community celebration. That way you always know where to go and what to do. I’m hopeful Halloween will be as clear cut. This was so set that even though we looked up directions to Pinky’s Park, we were able to just fall in line with the whole town and follow the path to get there. It was neat.
Lest I paint too quaint a picture of small town tranquility, let me assure you that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. The festivities end at five pm. If you make the mistake of coming back out of your house and going to the store at that time you will see that much of the town is quite inebriated and the police have their hands full running around on domestic dispute calls. The alcohol situation in this town requires its own little essay after I have some more information. Let’s just say that the town prohibits alcohol for some very necessary reasons and prohibition is causing all the same problems it ever did.
Enough about the depressing stuff for now. Enjoy the pictures below of our fun day in Bethel. We caught candy, bought balloons, had our face painted, shared terrific Korean BBQ, fought with silly string, played on the playground, and tried chocolate covered bacon. It was quite nice. The day. Not so much the bacon.















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