Bargain Hunting

What to do for fun in Bethel? Yard sales! It’s also a necessity. We follow a page called Bethel Bargains on Facebook. This page can help you with all of your Bethel needs from property rentals to homes/items for sale to Bethel event information. You can buy stuff listed on this page any day of the week, but I would guess there were no less than 10 listed yard sales yesterday. Then we simply ran into a few unlisted ones. This is definitely the most economical way to shop here.
Items purchased in this way in the last week:
•Two fleece blankets used as blackout
curtains for now.
•One giant brown blanket to use as a
couch cover/general blanket.
•One ice tray.
•31 hangers.
•A pair of children’s rain boots with
panda bears on them.
Things we could have bought this way but did not:
•Sewing machines
•So many clothes
•Fishing poles
•Weapons…including an Ak-47.
•Lots of weapon paraphernalia
•Fur pelts
•And finally, ivory.

Got interesting quickly, didn’t it?

We also went to the Saturday Market and the library yesterday. I’m so pleased with the library. They were giving away some books. We got some good stuff to tide us over until our other books arrive. It was a nice day. I even managed to get a latte on our way to the market. It felt very much like our normal Saturday, only we walked everywhere. And it was about 50 degrees most of the day.

20140629-091243-33163151.jpgThis is most of our Saturday stash minus some postcards.

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