Summer is Underway!

I made it through the last week of school while living in the Motel 6. The less said about both of those situations the better! I guess that is not entirely true. Many of my students and colleagues made it harder to leave Ramay than I had originally anticipated. Sergio and I both received very thoughtful send-offs from some of our co-workers.

Anyway, after rushing around all day Friday to get my room cleaned out, my grades turned in, my checkout checklist checked off, and our car packed up, we immediately drove to Little Rock. I tried to take in a few views as we left town, but as always happens in a move, I was so exhausted that I sort of missed it all. I will be very moved by the sight of Fayetteville on my first visit back, I am sure, but could not muster much emotion as we left.

We made it to Little Rock where we were thrilled to be reunited with Rosalind after a week at her grandparents. We have this week to hang in the LR area, next week to chill on the beach with family, and then we are off to Alaska!

This task is made much easier by the fact that we finally put down a deposit on a rental house and will have somewhere to stay when we get there. We have an address! Postal abbreviation AK.

AK! Eek.

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