Random, Mostly Unrelated Developments

It is simultaneously the last week in our current house and the last week that Rosalind will spend at Fayetteville Montessori. Strangely enough, both of these things would have occurred whether or not we were moving to Alaska. Our lease is up and it’s the end of the school year. In light of these two events, we (mostly Sergio) have been working to clear out our house while also providing Rosalind with her Student of the Day share item, share snack, and special outfit. Not to mention having to send in a whole watermelon for the end of the year party on Friday and keeping clothes around and unpacked that match said watermelon. And I need to get together three teacher gifts before Friday. Sigh.

On the other hand, it turns out if you offer people good stuff for practically no money, they will come take it from your house for you. That’s been nice. In fact, if you offer some items for free, people will almost knock down your door trying to get to it first. Doesn’t really matter what it is. We learned that the next time we offer something for free, we are going to put it out on the curb rather than deal with the onslaught of phone calls and emails and random door knocks.

So, we have to be out of our house on Saturday. My tiny baby daughter is almost done with Montessori and facing the big scary world of Kindergarten. I had to tell my school that I am not renewing my contract, which I HATE doing at any job. I have no particular job prospects yet. All of that to say, I have mysteriously lost five pounds in the last three weeks. I can’t imagine why. Seriously though, I keep moving the scale around the bathroom and adjusting the settings thinking it will change the results. It hasn’t so far. I think I must process stress in my stomach. My brain is all oblivious and happy-go-lucky, but my stomach is all, “what the heck is going on out there lady!”

And finally, in all the packing/reorganizing/storing/selling we have found some treasures. A whole slew of Rolo’s baby clothes that I had forgotten about. They are just so tiny and adorable. Both my digital and film cameras (they still work great!), and our old Macbook. Let me get all techy on you here for a moment. Do you know how to fix an old Macbook that quit working almost three years ago when your toddler spilled chocolate milk all over it? I do. Now stick with me because this a really complicated method I need to take you through. You stick it in a box under a bunch of junk for three years. Pull it back out and plug it in. Voila! It works. I thought we had lost almost all the pictures on that computer. Not only did I spend an hour going through all the pictures last night, but they are now safely on a thumb drive, just in case. I will be putting them online somewhere soon for safekeeping. BEST DAY EVER!
Rolo ID 1Rolo ID 2Rolo ID 3



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