Date of Departure: June 23rd

I suppose since I told my school administrators today, I can go ahead and officially announce it here. To the zero people who read this that didn’t already know this news anyway. We are moving to Alaska. Bethel, Alaska. Have you heard of it? Me either. 

Actually, everyone we have told seems to know this place from the show Alaska State Troopers. We are not familiar with that show since we don’t have cable. We will definitely have to have cable in Alaska. And warm clothes. And boots. But no cars. Because there is a serious lack of roads. 

Okay, we can have cars if we want. We won’t be taking our current cars though. It’s too hard. We won’t be taking much of anything, really. It’s going to be so strange. 

Why are we doing this? Sergio took a job in Bethel that should make a bit of a difference in our lives. I have chosen to go ahead and move at this time and hope that a job opens up for me. There are some prospects. If it happens, we will be doing pretty well in life. At least, that’s the goal. Only time will tell. 

In the meantime, it will be an adventure. I am surprised at the reactions we have gotten to our news. I thought far more people would think we were nuts. Almost everyone seems really excited for us. Not so excited that they want to take the jobs themselves, but enthusiastic nonetheless. 

I’m really hopeful about this move. And I’m really hopeful that I will still come home almost all of every summer. Because brrrrrr. I’m also hopeful this will give me more reason to write on the blog. I think I will work to redesign it soon. If I don’t find the job I hope to find then I will be developing some hobbies. And they will be showcased here. In all of their glory. Prepare yourselves for the glory. 

Really, though, I think this should become a pretty good place to check in on us again, and also a place for me to pass the time when the sun is rising at 11 am and setting at 4:30 pm. That’s a lot of darkness. On the other hand, today the sun will be setting in Bethel at a chipper 11:37 pm. The thought of those times makes a bubble of hysterical giggling rise up in my chest. Silly Alaska. With your funny schedule. heh. heee. HAAAAAAAAhaaaaa.


3 thoughts on “Date of Departure: June 23rd

  1. I am very excited for you all, I know it will be an adventure of a lifetime, and if it were me I would do the same. I am not going to tell you I won’t miss you, it will be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, say goodbye to my kids and not be able to get to them for a long while, I am trying to be strong though, because it is something that will benefit your family.I am going to take it a day at a time and be like Scarlet in gone with the wind, I won’t think about that today, maybe tomorrow but not today.

  2. I love this!!!! What job will he have..what an adventure I’m excited for you guys!!!! I can’t wait to hear all about Alaska 💜

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