Little Hannah Homemaker

Today I want to share with you two things I have made recently. Two ridiculous things. Two ridiculous things that should NOT be shared on the blog as though they are special. I’m going to anyway, though, because these two things share a common feature. They both should have turned out terribly. Just disastrous. Instead, they both turned out so much better than they had any right to. 

So, first. I finally sat down during one of Rolo’s weekend naps a few weeks ago and messed around with my sewing machine, aided by some youtube clips, and got that thing to work correctly. That does not mean I used it well, just that I figured out what I was doing SOOO wrong. Then I attempted a t-shirt-to-tank refashion from Pinterest. I took the time to iron a straight seam, which helped the final product a great deal. However, my hemming is all over the place. Not straight at all. But you can’t tell! That’s the sign of a good Pinterest project. You can’t mess it up!. So anyway, I made this shirt. Image

Second, Buzzfeed had a post with lots of tater tot recipes this weekend. We had two lbs of defrosted ground beef to use. Something came over us and we decided to make Minnesota Hotdish. Basically the casseroliest casserole that ever casseroled. It should not have been good. Even if it was good, it should have tasted and felt cheap and disgusting in a good way. Instead, it just tasted good. Like it took a long time to cook. Wholesome even. Don’t confuse wholesome with healthy, though, because…no. All the members of this family ate it. Except that Rosalind cried when we forced her to taste those awful tater tots. We are so mean that way. Image


So if you have been feeling particularly bad about your homemaking skills of late and want some easy victories, here are two things for you to try. You can’t lose. 

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