Spring Break 2014

Over Spring Break this year we started out in Little Rock for Rolo’s birthday party and then went on to Nashville to visit out friends. We even managed to make it back to Fayetteville in time to do laundry all Sunday before having to go back to work. It was a whirlwind spring break, but it was a lot of fun. Rosalind is now old enough to be a champ at road trips. I see a lot more small trips in our future now that we know this. Here are a number of pictures of our adventures. I’ll explain ahead instead of one at a time. We had her birthday party at the Altitude Trampoline gym. I would totally recommend this to anyone. They were so easy and helpful. The kids and adults alike had a fantastic time. The foam pit and dodgeball match were especially popular among the adults. We also had a Frozen themed party, but since nothing Frozen is out yet (plates, cups, favors), we had to make do with ice themed favors and a blue and silver color palette. It went pretty well. 

After that we jumped in the car and headed to Nashville, TN. We saw the Parthenon that I had no idea existed. We drove all around Nashville. We did some shopping. We got so spend some fantastic quality time with a sweet baby girl. We also had hot chicken at Prince’s hot chicken. It was really good. We did learn, however, that hot chicken means hot chicken. It’s all hot. So if you go above the regular hot chicken to medium chicken, it’s raging hot. And you might pay for it later. Just get regular. We had fantastic Pink Radio cake made with beets at Fido as well as good deli food at Noshville. All in all, it was a really good spring break trip. Thanks to our friends for putting us up and showing us around while we were out there. 

Now for the pictures! Edited to add: These pictures went in all out of order. You’ll still get the idea. 


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