Taking Stock

I was reading through our old blogger archives last week instead of grading notebooks and was shocked at the number of things I had forgotten about my own life. I had totally forgotten that Sergio and I wrote out lists of things we wanted to accomplish before we died. We were supposed to do 100 each, but only managed 50 each. I know that says something about us. Not sure what exactly. I decided now seemed as good a time as any to revisit my own.

1. Adopt old dogs and let them run around on my farm (Nope. But I have learned a lot about what level of farm I can handle. A small, in-town one.)
2. Have a farm (Yes, actually. Enough of one that I know farming may not be my thing.)
3. Travel to Europe with Sergio (Not as I meant it, which was traveling around France and places eating cheese, but we did manage a great trip to the UK.)
4. Visit every continent (Hahaha!)
5. Have a kid or two (YES!)
6. Knit something wearable (Yes, technically.)
7. Snowboard (Not yet. Boo.)
8. Run a marathon (Why did I ever want to do this?)
9. Keep my house clean two weeks in a row (Prob…ably? Once?)
10. Own a home (Yes. Technically. I hardly remember.)
11. Live in a place for more than a year with Sergio (Actually, yes! We have lived in Fayetteville for almost five years, and we lived in the little yellow cottage for two years! Whoa!)
12. Have a job for more than a year (Yes! I can hold a job! Elkins for three years and now Ramay for two.)
13. Have a fulfilling job (Yes!)
14. Sleep in a Yurt (Nope.)
15. Visit every state (Nope.)
16. Have financial stability (Well, I’ll say we are the most financially stable we have ever been. Turns out this one is always in progress, I guess.)
17. Eat a bug (knowingly) (Nooooo.)
18. Learn how to play chess (No.)
19. Finish a New York Times crossword puzzle (Yes!!!! And I think maybe without even cheating a few times. Probably just the easy early in the week ones, but I’ll take it.)
20. Donate money to my local NPR affiliate instead of change the station during money drive time (I still really want to do this, but no at this point.)
21. Learn how to design a website (Sergio has done some work on this, but not me.)
22. Design a website (I’ll leave that to these awesome user-friendly servers.)
23. Read Moby Dick…I guess (Ugh, it’s just not for me. I always start with good intentions and then just read Jane Eyre again instead.)
24. Ride an air boat in the swamp (Whiny no. Every time I go to Louisiana I say I will and never go out of the city. I can’t waddle away from the food.)
25. Attend a Renaissance festival (Not yet. It’s gonna happen though.)

1. Get to a point in my life where I never have to take another math test ever again. And I really mean never again this time. (Yes. And no. If I ever move states again I might have to take another licensing test which would include math. So it’s a choice.)

2. Own a horse (I doubt this one will ever happen.)

3. Beat Sergio at the game of Risk (No. Nor do I care anymore.)
4. Play golf well enough not to wonder why people play golf (Definitely not.)
5. Vacation on a sail boat (Nope.)
6. Really take up photography as a hobby (Does instagramming iPhone photos count?)
7. Go to a costume party (Yes! But it made me terribly uncomfortable. Parties are hard enough without adding costumes.)
8. Have my teeth professionally whitened on a regular basis (No, but dental insurance is lovely and my teeth are taken care of anyway.)
9. Have both medical and dental insurance (YES!!! Nothing makes me feel more together in my life than yearly checkups for the whole family.)
10. Read the Little House On the Prairie Series to my kids (Just started Little House in the Big Woods. We’re on Chapter Five.)
11. Conquer my fear of the telephone (HA! No! Texting is wonderful.)
12. Host a dinner party (Not specifically a dinner party, though I did have a get together at our house for Sergio’s last birthday in which I provided food and beverage. We’ll call this one a sort of.)
13. Go to a spa (I don’t know exactly what I envisioned with this one. I have had a massage now. Once.)
14. Eat at a Michelin rated restaurant (I believe so, though I can’t recall the specific locations anymore. More than a few, I think.)
15. Sit on a porch swing and watch a storm…as often as possible (NOOOO! How hard is this? Hard, if you don’t have a porch swing.)
16. Kayak (Nope.)
17. Have an old-fashioned photo made with Sergio (like in Branson!) (He will never do this with me.)
18. Scuba dive (No. And the older I get the scarier this seems.)
19. Ride in a hot air balloon that is not still tethered to the ground (No. Ditto the last one.)
20. Research my family history (No. Luckily distant family members have done this and I have at least read the reports.)
21. Love my child as much as we love Eliot (Yup. They’re both pretty cool.)
22. Not have to wear contacts/glasses anymore (Still no laser surgery for this girl. One day, though.)
23. Paint my home obnoxious colors just because I can (Yes! Many times over.)
24. Take one change of clothes on a vacation and buy a new wardrobe along the way (No. I packed really well for my trip to the UK, though, so I’m pretty happy with that. Except my shoe choices. I have pretty jacked up feet, I think.)
25. Have one home/town in which my children are raised (We have pretty much accomplished this so far with Rolo. (the town part, not the home part) I love it. And I don’t love it. I have complicated feelings about this one.)

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