Wonderful Happy Sunshine

This weekend was such a wonderful antidote to the winter doldrums we’ve all been suffering. The weather allowed us to go out and play tennis, take Rosalind out on her scooter and her bike, and sit on a patio at lunch. I felt like I could actually feel my body absorbing vitamin D and cheering up considerably. Everyone else in town was also out and about, so our time at Walker Park was marked by a lot of teenagers playing basketball. When we went back today we played for awhile and just about the time we were finally getting back into the swing of things (pun!), some middle school aged kids came and asked if they could play with us. Not having enough stuff to play with them, we just let them take our equipment and play while we took Rolo around the park on her bike. There is no hidden dark side to this story. A bunch of kids played tennis for what was obviously the very first time in their lives, and then gave us back our stuff after a while. It was nice. The other nice thing is that our bicycle averse child finally got comfortable enough on her bike after circling around and around and around the empty tennis court that she was able to go around the trail. She even went up and down small hills! She even picked up speed! She still stopped quickly if she saw a crack or wet ground, but we’ll take the improvement. I’m so glad we made some considerable headway on that front.

Rosalind also hit another milestone skill this week. She can tie her shoes! I know this isn’t so amazing, and that she didn’t really do it so early or anything, but this is somehow such a huge milestone for me. She seems so big! It also feels good because this is something I taught her myself. It’s rare that I am the one to teach her a new skill from start to finish. It occurred to me on Tuesday morning that we should sit at the same angle while I showed her instead of trying to show her upside down. We did it side by side twice. I sent her off to school thinking it would probably take a few more days of showing her before she starting committing it to memory. Especially since I use an unnecessarily complicated tying method. However, her teacher informed us she tied a bow and earned her tying sticker right after that. She has been tying ever since. I feel so proud.

Two other Rosalind brags and then I will stop, I swear. She got her booster shots for kindergarten on Monday and took it like a champ. No crying, but also not even a flinch. She really earned the ice cream we got afterward. And finally, she can brush her own hair. This was probably self-preservation, since we fight every morning when I brush her hair. End of an era. The cat’s in the cradle and the silver….or something.

So it’s been a lovely weekend, and despite some normal frustrations (stamping the walls with ink) with Rolo, it’s also been a really rewarding parenting week. Not to mention the fact that Rosalind loved biking and scooting around the court to retrieve tennis balls. So it took just under five years for her to become a useful addition to the family. Score!

And just for fun, I saw this comic the other day and it fundamentally describes my entire personality and also my biggest social struggle. Enjoy!

enhanced-11970-1391111246-14 enhanced-13471-1391111246-9

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