Unpleasant Clack

Did you know that today is not Friday? Well, it technically IS Friday, but it doesn’t seem like it for me. All of those irritating snow days are coming back to haunt me starting on Saturday. It’s a six day work week. Boo. Hoo. (Please realize that this is all tongue in cheek. I am aware that my life is not hard.)

On the upside, it’s the week of MLK Day. What better time for an awesome documentary on Bayard Rustin to coast us through these days. At least I don’t have to think too hard for the next two days. My 9th graders are having their minds blown by this guy, though, so I feel accomplished just for bringing him to their attention. Being a Civics teacher is awesome that way.

Let’s see…what else is new here. Rosalind has been transitioning into her new routine since they moved her up to Early Elementary at her school. One of the steps in this process is that they took away nap time. If ever anyone had wondered if Rolo still needed a nap, let me clear that up for you. Yes! Lately, she is either super duper moody and demanding or she just topples over asleep at the strangest times. Two days ago when I refused her another snack (only after she had eaten her afternoon school snack, some turkey, a cheese stick, pudding, a juice, and an apple) she climbed under my blanket with me and fell fast asleep mid-whine. It was 5:30 pm. We let her sleep until six and then made her wake up. It took a solid ten minutes to get her to say words that made sense and it took pushing ice cream right under her nose to get it done. Then she fell asleep while Sergio was watching videos with her around 8:30. That has become the norm lately. As to the rest of her new class, she seems totally happy with everything. I think the teacher’s are still learning how to run this new group of kids so I can’t say there is much learning happening yet. Actually, she did ask me last night if birds made eggs or live babies. When I said eggs she asked if they were reptiles. That was a fun exchange.

As to Sergio and I, the only thing I can think of has more to do with our friends than us. I think they are moving away. Our weekly friend dinners are going to be greatly interrupted by the absence of our friends. So we are trying to figure out some things to fill that possible void. We’re working to revamp our hiking and camping lifestyle. The weather is a bit cold to get that fully started. And I went to church last Sunday. Don’t get too excited, family! It’s a UU church, which probably wouldn’t even read as church to most traditional Protestants. I’m mostly looking for some volunteer opportunities for myself and religious ed classes for Rolo. On a fun (awkward) note, the first person to greet me seemed so familiar. I puzzled over it the whole service (a lecture on civil rights and the civil rights art of Norman Rockwell.) When we talked afterward I asked if she was involved in my school district. That was not how I knew her. As we continued to talk she said she was a physician and the name of her practice. Yeah, she’s my lady doctor. Seems like something most people would have been able to remember right away.

I think that is enough updating for now. I had a coke explode over my laptop last week and now half the buttons stick unpleasantly when I type. This has been a frustrating exercise for me. I need my delightful clickity clack. Instead I’m getting clickkkkkkkk thrrrrrp POP. Yuck.

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