Going Batty

Another snow day. ANOTHER SNOW DAY! What is wrong with the South? I’m on day SEVEN at home. With no transportation. And no yard or driveway or sidewalks to go outside and play on. I am losing my mind. I was losing my mind two days ago. Then I calmed myself down and had an okay day yesterday. When Sergio got home we went and ran some Christmas errands and I saw real people in the real world. The roads are okay for the general population. Sergio has been working a normal schedule all week. They are just not okay for school buses. So I am back to losing my mind. 

I seriously believed I was in some horrible groundhog day/Christmas miracle movie mashup wherein I was being given additional repetitive days to get something done correctly. I knew that the thing I was finally supposed to complete was putting all of the clean folded clothes away in our closets. And I did. Yesterday. I finally gave in and did it. Please understand that it was pretty much all of the clothing we own, and was no easy task. But I did it . So I am supposed to be back at work today. Nope. If I am not going to get the right ending to my movie then I at least deserve a music montage shopping sequence. I should be leaving a store with dozens of shopping bags as we speak. 

In all seriousness, I could easily stay home and do nothing much at all for days on end. It is Rosalind that concerns me the most. We have run out of things to do. Her toys are boring. Her brain is fried on tv. We have crafted and baked and painted and dance partied until none of those things are fun anymore. She is ready to see her friends and go back to school. Her brain needs some kind of stimulation. Something beyond the one activity book and few iPad apps I have managed for her. 

On the other hand, she did just come up and show me a little Lego scene she had made entirely from her own mind. Maybe this whole ordeal is boring enough to breed some creativity. Just so you know, the scene is, “a park with nothing fun to do but lots of beautiful stuff for people to look at and these dogs are left alone but they will be finded and adopted.” She built a tree surrounded by dozens of Lego flowers and put two Lego animals in the park. Then she got some minifigs to adopt the lost pets. I’m sure the chihuahua is thrilled that he now belongs to the orange Ninja Turtle. 

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