Beginning to Look a Lot Like Something Over Here

What have I been up to since the November posting marathon?

Decorating the house, I guess. Still not getting it as clean as I would like, but decorating on top of the mess nonetheless. 

As of yesterday, we have all been enjoying some unexpected time off. Snow days! On the one hand, I love being a teacher when the weather turns. I never have to worry about whether I am going to have to drive to work on terrible roads and that is a wonderful gift. On the other hand, my current school district has no built in days for making things up and now I have to go to work on a Saturday. Yuck. 

So here is the last week by the numbers. 

Number of stockings knit by the adults in this house: 5

Number of stockings actually hanging on the bookshelf (makeshift mantle): 3

Number of pretty poinsettias decorating my mantle: 4

Cost of poinsettias: $4 (The only black Friday deal we accidentally took advantage of)

Number of Christmas storage boxes still sitting in my living room instead of the garage: 3

Number of times my snowman stocking holders have fallen off the shelf: 8 or so

Number of times I have glued back together my snowman stocking holders: 2

Number of times I have watered our tree: Infinity times

Number of trees we have decorated: 2, one small one for Rolo and the big one

Number of new light strands we had to buy to fill in our enormous tree: 1

Number of homemade “ornaments” Rosalind has added to the finished tree: I estimate about 50 random pieces of yarn, ripped bits of paper, barbie shoes, Lego people, twine, and fake flowers. 

Number of wreaths I have made: 1

Number of snow days so far: 2

Number of snowmen we managed to get out of the very fluffy snow on our deck: 1/2

Number of snow “forts” Rolo made and placed toys inside: 3 

Number of favorite tshirts found in the bag of ski clothes that Sergio swore up and down I had thrown away behind his back because it is ripped up and old and sort of smells: 1 (and Sergio can suck it because I repeatedly told him I wasn’t a manipulative nag but just a scatterbrain and I was right!)

Number of times Sergio rode his bike to Walmart in the snow today: 2

He’s so weird. 



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