I finally managed to post every day in the month of November. Leave it to me to do something about 8 years too late. I’m still pleased to finally have beaten that weird little goal. Not that the dates on my blog would say that I posted every day, but I know and am satisfied with that.

I went through most of the posts I wrote this month and was pretty horrified by the amount of typos and grammar mistakes that I didn’t catch. I’ll chalk it up to doing most of the posting on my phone. It’s really hard to see the mistakes on there and tedious to fix them. When I type these things on the computer I generally stare at them for a long time before posting. Sergio can attest to the fact that I can’t send an email in under 45 minutes because I question the wording, change it a million times, start over again, and so on. Posting is not much different. I guess this month helped some of that considering I would throw something out there just to get it out there. But it is driving me nuts that I used neither/or instead of neither/nor once, among other things.

I will also say that I only actually like about two posts that I wrote this month. Two is better than zero, I guess!

I don’t have anything good to end on for the month of November. Nobody came to put away my laundry or clean my house today, so I guess I will get back to that. My thrift stocking holders are up and ready to hold our homemade stockings. Sergio is about an hour from finishing his, and then I’m going to attempt mine again in order to stick with the double colored thread theme we created. That is the exciting evening you are missing in the Barron home. I know you’re super jealous.

Thanks for hanging out with me this month!

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