The Day After Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving travels are complete and we are back at home. I think I will avoid the travel laundry until tomorrow. Tonight we are just chilling out watching a few Christmas movies. Well, Sergio is knitting another stocking, but Rosalind and I are watching movies. We also put up outdoor Christmas lights almost before we walked through the door. Rosalind is very impressed with all things Christmas this year and we are perfectly willing to indulge her. I think the lights around the door will get her through until we get a tree. Probably Sunday? We also listened to Christmas carols and watched for houses that were lit up for the last hour of our drive today. I wouldn’t be fooling anyone if I said I didn’t enjoy that as much as Rolo. 

Only one more day to go in November! 

Will someone come clean my house really well before I decorate on Sunday? I like decorating. I hate prepping for it. 

Will someone volunteer to put my laundry away all the time? I don’t mind washing and folding. I just can’t be asked to put it away.

Here are a few grainy pictures of Rosalind sleeping on the trip. You would think she is really well-rested from this evidence. Nope.



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