Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We’ve had a wonderful day and great food with Sergio’s family. Now we’re all stuffed to the gills. Here’s what Sergio and I spent most of the day doing.
We have a habit of picking up some sort of craft when we visit his parents. I guess because it’s just so quiet and relaxing here that we think we have to find something to do with our hands. My grandmother had been making knit hats on looms and that seemed interesting. I spent a number of years picking up and putting down regular knitting projects and never making anything but terrible scarfs. I figured if I could get anything more than that out of a loom it would be worth it. A set of looms, Christmas colored yarn, and 11 YouTube videos later, I had something better than a crap scarf. I’m not saying it’s the best thing ever, or that we shouldn’t try again now that we’ve worked out the kinks, but I’m impressed anyway. The floppy green one is mine and served as the practice model. The red and white one was made by Sergio. It’s much better, but rather than think it is just because he is always better at this stuff, I choose to believe it is because I taught him how to do it after I made mistakes.
One more stocking to go!
And then maybe we’ll redo the green one to be a bit better. It only takes about a day.


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