Popping Tags

Today I went thrift shopping with my mom and Grandma. I bought two books for my developing classroom library, one of which was the complete works of Jane Austen. The other was Twilight. It was just sooooo cheap that I couldn’t not buy it! Don’t judge me.
I also ran across three little snowman stocking holders. I was unreasonably excited by this development. I just can’t seem to make myself spend $30 for three stocking holders, which is what I kept coming across at Target. Granted, my new snowmen are a bit worn, but nothing a bit of distance and additional decoration won’t take care of. Grand total for my entire Habitat for Humanity Restore trip? $4.50!
In fact, between the three of us we left with armfuls of bags and yet did not break $10. There is something so satisfying and guilt-free about thrift shopping. Maybe I’ll check out some NEA thrift stores and see if I can’t spend the whole $20 I broke today. It will be like a challenge for myself. Exciting!
….Oh. I think I just basically challenged myself to the Macklemore song without realizing it. I guess I know what to title this post now. Not very original of me.

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