I Feel Organized For Once

Rosalind is already off to the grandparents for the holiday shuffle. Sergio and I had some time today to shop around for her. We had been feeling completely uninspired about what to get her this year. Happily we bumped into some pretty good stuff today and are now within a smidge of her being completely bought for. We even got a bit of inspiration for some other gifts left to buy. Yay! Suddenly this Christmas is looking a lot less stressful. Not only that, but we came home and made some real headway on wrapping. No bows, ribbons, or tags yet, but the time consuming part is done for the stuff we have already. I learned today that Sergio has a knack for picking wrapping paper. The red came from a fundraiser and was so thick as to be cumbersome. The green is Sergio’s pick and it is perfect. Thick enough to stand up to wrapping without tears but thin enough not to hold every crinkle. He has a new job every Christmas from now on.
I also have it on good authority that Santa Claus was able to get a bit of wrapping done today as well. No word on whether he also wrapped with Christmas music playing from his iPad while college football blared in the background. It’s a pretty safe bet though.


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