They’ve Earned a Break

I gave in. I have watched half of four different movies so far today. None of them were 12 Angry Men, which was the original plan. In fact, it has been Lilo and Stitch twice, The Princess Bride, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo (nine million and one). I have one class to go and a number of other movies they can choose from. I’m really hoping for Harry Potter or The Neverending Story in order to round out my viewing day. 

The Princess Bride was the funniest experience. I had a class split down the middle. Half the kids knew every word and half had never even heard of it. I had kids quoting every line along with me while others guessed at what was about to happen. The movie is just off kilter enough that they never got it right either. Not once did anyone guess that someone was about to fall into ultra quick sand or throw themselves down a big hill. The rest of us cracked ourselves up quoting Fezzik and Inigo.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to get to “mawwiage.” Inconceivable!

Also, Lilo feeds Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich regularly. She reveals it’s because he controls the weather. I have recently come to understand that this is in reference to the fact that her parents died while driving in the rain. She feeds the fish so that it won’t cause anyone else to DIE!!! You didn’t realize just how morbid that movie really was, did you?

Happy Friday before Thanksgiving Break, everyone!


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