Streaming Thoughts

Sergio made homemade shrimp spring rolls for dinner but I forgot to take pictures. They were good. He loves them and I like them if the texture doesn’t get too tricky. I would call it a successful dinner. Now we are watching Wall-E on television. I’m sleepy for no good reason. The knowledge that I only have two more days until Thanksgiving break is keeping me going though this week. I’m also pleased that I’ll be seeing Catching Fire Monday at 9:30 am. I love morning movies. I’m slightly concerned that it will be with 25 of my own students and at least 30 additional students that I don’t know. I made cookie bars for a potluck tomorrow at work and am having a hard time not eating one right now. Rolo is student of the day tomorrow so she gets to be the line leader and bring a special snack, assuming I remember to stop and buy one for her class. Then my mom is coming into town to pick up Rosalind and take her back to Benton for a visit. I’ll be cleaning out her toys while she is gone and never mentioning it when she gets home. It’s 8:33. I think I can maybe go to bed without complete shame now. Just moderate shame.

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