Letting Some of the Crazy Show

I tried to write a post earlier and came up with worse than nothing. Then I stopped to cook dinner. After that, Sergio took my computer to do some work. Now I am in bed and have nothing worth saying for this post. I am also typing this on my phone which gets exhausting. I guess I will take a Facebook trend and use it here. I give myself the number three because I am lazy. Here are three things I doubt anyone knows about me.
1. If I were to build a sandbox or a corn crib, I would prefer the whole thing be filled with dried beans or rice. I just like the way those things feels.
2. I can’t decide if I would rather have a secret passage way, a turret, or a spinning bookcase in my imaginary home. I don’t know why my imagination limits me to only having one.
3. I’ve always thought I can smell ants. There is some particular smell that I determined to be ants as a kid. It never once occurred to me to ask someone else what I was smelling. My brain just went, “ants!” I have no idea what it really is, but I think it is safe to say it is probably not ants.
I could write a whole post on my sense of smell, but I’ll spare you.

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