Skill Sets

We attended “Bring Your Parent to School Night” in Rolo’s class tonight. It was the first time we have ever seen her hesitate to show us all of her new work. Normally she zooms around showing us absolutely everything she knows how to do. This time her list suggested she show us Bank Game, Pink Mat, Chalkboard, and North America Map.
Her hesitation came from the fact that she has not come close to mastering these particular skills yet. Well, maybe the banking game but she had already shown us that before. She was just introduced to pink mat (reading small words) this week. So she is actually doing well. She is making her teacher have to borrow new activities from other classrooms because she and one other classmate are further along than other kids have been in his class before. But Rosalind doesn’t get that and seemed embarrassed by her perceived lack of skills. She kept reverting back to older skills like the continent map, and asking us to assure her each number and letter were correct before writing them. In the end we saw one Pink Mat, chalkboard numbers and name, and the continent map. I think she’ll be all set when Kindergarten starts.


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