Questioning My Profession Moment Of The Day

After 12 weeks of school in which students are expected to bring in two to three sentences worth of information on ONE current event…

to write about and discuss on the same day every week…

and they receive reminder emails and texts every Sunday to not forget to find some news…

from tv, the paper, the radio, the internet, or apps on their iPhones that I showed them and allowed them a whole class period to download… 

nearly three weeks with a helpful checklist to help them find the relevant details from a news story….

and this is literally the only homework my classes ever do…

A student asked me angrily why I insisted on repeatedly asking kids to do something that was OBVIOUSLY such a hassle that nobody could possibly be expected to complete the task! Didn’t I realize this was all MY fault!!!


Can you feel my disbelief? My sudden and all-consuming anger? Can you see how red my ears turned? Did you hear me at 2:45 today explaining in a cold and stony fashion exactly WHY I do this to them and exactly WHO is at fault? Because the silence in the room became so complete that I think it must have extended to the whole world and everyone must have heard my rage calm response. 

Kids today. Turning entitlement into a sport. (I’m so old)

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