Simple Sunday.

We had a very nice weekend. Rosalind and Sergio did a quick hike on Saturday morning while my mom and I shopped. Then the three girls went to celebrate my Aunt Mick’s 90th birthday. We saw some extended family and Rolo is quite thrilled with her cousin Lorrie. I just need that kid to start driving and come babysit for us! This morning we went out to Terra Studios for the first time. I’m so glad to say we’ve done something new around here. We tend to get stuck in such ruts. Rolo was very impressed with seeing the glass blower make Bluebirds of Happiness, as were we. In fact, Rosalind was very pleased with everything at Terra Studios. I would call it a successful outing. To top it off, Sergio is off work tomorrow for Veteran’s Day. Sadly, Rolo and I are not. Oh well, I’ll just have to soak in the last few hours of Sunday. Only two weeks until Thanksgiving break!


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