iPhone Nostalgia

I don’t have any ideas for a post today, but I need to take this writing opportunity now. I know I will forget to psot tonight since my mom is in town.

I used my old iPhone for music yesterday, as my newer one does not sit on my docking station, and I was blown away by the videos stored on that phone. It’s making me seriously consider figuring out what I need to do with WordPress to allow videos. Or go back to Blogspot. Just know, they are cute. 

Also, Sergio and I seem to both suffer from a curse. We can’t seem to see the true age or size of Rosalind unless we are looking backward. I have always thought she was so big and grown and I look back and see this little baby. I don’t remember ever thinking of her like a baby while she was one. Is this true of all parents? Can you not see your own kid accurately? I guess it’s because every new day with them they are the biggest and smartest they have ever been. They are always more grown up than the day before. Until you see a video one day of a two year old calling the hogs while the almost five year old version sits lankily behind the screen navigating through the iPad all elbows and knees and knock knock jokes. Thank goodness I caught her on camera a few times or I wouldn’t remember that little squirt at all. I better go get more videos so that in two years I can look back and realize how small this four year old really was.

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